Tiptap Recenzje App

All good things will come to an end!

IOS 11 takes a victim, Tiptap not supported on IOS 11. Hopefully the app will get a revision to 64 Bit and work again.

Split Option doesn't work

I had this app for years and it worked great but for some reason it does not display the split option anymore. I deleted and redownloaded the app and it still does not work.

Requires 5.1??!?

This is an elegant, simple application that I've enjoyed using since it was first released. The latest update, however, is a huge disappointment. Why would you require users to be using the latest iDevices and OS to use the app? Those of us who can't/won't update are now stuck with a "1 update available" badge that we can't get rid of unless we uninstall the app. Please lower your required OS version, and I'll happily return the missing four stars.


Downloaded this as one of my first apps on my iPhone 3G years ago. A great tool that nothing seems to top (I've downloaded a bunch of different tip calculators and this still ranked number 1) Great interface, easy to use! The only thing missing is retina graphics, but that's it!

Simple & Effective!!!

This is by far the best tip calculator in the AppStore!!! It's super easy to use supports rounding and if you need bill splitting this is for you!!! ;P Could use some new Retina graphics ;P

Love The App, But It Crashes

Love the app and have been a longtime user, but it seems to crash a lot with iOS 4.0. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the app and powering down my iPhone 4, but with no change. 

Simply the best tip calculator

This is the only tip calculator that splits bill, allows for tax, (or not), scroll through % for tipping. Clean, easy to understand interface. Simply the best.


I use this everytime we go out to eat.

Excellent app. Saves your default settings and takes seconds for it to load.


Why does it cost money now? It used to be free!


Nice and simple.

Great app

I used the webapp by the same name and they are both great. I like this better because I dont have to wait for the page to load. Quick, easy, does what it us supposed to. My only request is an area that tells what effective percentage I am actually if I round up. Good buy, good tool, good price.

Simple, elegant and above all, useful!

I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend when I decided to download this application. This is the application I use to show my iPhone off to my friends. Invariably, everyone in the room says "What a great tool!" when they see this simple, but effective application. It couldn't be simpler to use, and in a flash, you know exactly what to tip. A fantastic application!

Better than the ones that aren't even free!!! LOOK NO FURTHER

The good: 1. Allows you to easily toggle between how many cheapos are splitting the bill! 2. Very user friendly. 3. Dependable, has never crashed with my iPhone. The bad: Nothing really what else do you expect? It does exactly what it's supposed to do!

Tip, Tap, What A Great App!

Tiptap is the epitome of usefulness. A simple interface and powerful options make sharing a tab and tipping on the subtotal a piece of cake. Thank you for a super app!

Great app, couple little bugs

This app is a life saver. I live in NYC and regularly dine out with friends. When it's time to pay the check, it's always a headache.... But not now! I love that it is completely adaptable to the scenario you're in. Two little bugs/ areas to fix: 1) when both subtotal and tax are displayed we should b able to enter in either field when the keyboard pulls up. Other apps allow this (eg. iPoints), 2) when I change settings, I have to quit out of the app and re-open it to apply the changes. These are small annoyances which seem easily fixable. Once addressed, this app gets 5 stars! Definitely worth downloading!

Love it

Very useful app, and very easy to use

Solid & Simple App

Very easy to use, nice to look to it and works great.


Downloaded the app today and it is just perfect! Clean screen layout and saves settings. Best part, you can scroll the wheel to increase/decrease tip. Some of the calculators I reviewed last night had preset tip amounts and wouldn't save the settings. Nice Job!

Does what it supposed to.

It's easy to use and does what it should. I used it today at lunch.

A great app

Easy to use and very handy.

Good app- quick,simple, easy to use.

I'm not sure why some people gave this a poor review. If your actually looking for a tip app then this is one of the best. If you prefer your calculator then I'm not sure why u downloaded it in the first place. It's quick and simple. Can't get better than that!


Thank you! Couple of clicks and off we go

Average app.

This is the second tip calculator that I tried. Although this app has enough options and functionality, it's not the ideal app for my uses. I like to calculate tip quickly, so I didn't like the fact the I had to select the subtotal field in order to bring up the numberpad (it should be automatic). I prefer TipStar's UI. Still, this is a nice app with lots of features at a nice price.

Best Tip Calc

This is the 4th tip calculator I've tried. It's the easiest, cleanest, and fastest from opening it to having an amount. I happily deleted the others, except 1 called Mealsplitter that separates drinkers from non-drinkers & gives u a total. When you're broke, it helps not to pay for part of your friends' 10 beers when all you had was fries.


this is the 3rd free tip app - and thankfully the best one is also free. The other apps were missing the fact that your Total should not include TAX - you don't tip tax - its infuriating. thank you guys!

We cannot help unless you use the support link

Tokyo Blue, if you are a new iPhone user you should be aware that you will randomly get a bad install for any app in the app store. I had thousands of downloads yesterday and this is the only complaint I had about crashing. You need to restart your iPhone, delete the install and reinstall the app. Finally, please use the support link for questions and issues and give us a chance to help. It is much more pragmatic. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

Crashed first time using it

I downloaded it, opened it, clicked turn on tax and it crashed my phone. Not a good first impression, so I deleted the app.

Polished, worth downloading

Clean interface, easy to use, and free. Nough said.


Best tip calculator I've used so far.


Good but the keypad should be more iPhone optimized. 5 stars if it was the same as the phone keypad

Great-Free_can't ask for more

This is a great app. I have tried many other free tip app and deleted them all. I find myself using this app way more that I ever thouht I would. This is a simple app that does its job simply and quickly. Get it, try it and you will keep it.

Best interface, good user control

I looked at lots of the tip calculators but this is my favorite. TipTap has an easy to use control of the tip amount and remembers a default setting. The new keypad entry is the best looking and easiest to use I've seen. Stable, fast, and accurate.

No Charge for the update!

I purchased as a free app and the update is free. Just click Buy App and iTunes will verify your previous purchase and update for free. This update didn't show up in iTunes when "Checking for updates" nor on my iPhone App Store Update check. This is a great app that is quick and easy to use. Sure you could do the math but this app is well thought out and very quick and easy to use. It's the best of it's class. Excellent customer support.

All I need!

Simple and easy to use without a lot of useless features.

Easy to Use and to the point

I wish it had the ability to split checks like iTip. Love the rounding capability. If I do round, it would be nice if it told me what the actual tip percent is like iTip does. So I would say the interface of this is nicer, but iTip has some better features.

Best i've tried, better when it was free

I'm glad I got this when it was free.. Some of the others are way too complicated to be really useful.. This does the job without a lot of bloat. As far as the price, everyone has to make a buck, but if you can multiply by .15, you don't need to pay to get this functionality, just use your built in calculator instead.

My god

I got charged .99 cents though it's free


Awsome program! Simple, elegant, and easy to use.

Simply elegant...

Very nice! Wishlist: Round up of tip amount, Option to tip pre-tax amount, Divide total for groups.


Does exaclty what it should do and does it well! I love the round up feature! Definitely worth the free download!


this thing helps a lot because i dont know how much to give the waiter .... i think you should get it


simple, elegant, well executed!

Simple & Free

Basic, simple, clean interface, and it's free. Works perfectly.

Simple & free... but

Something that I wish developers would keep in mind. If I only have to enter numbers in any part of your app, don't use the full keyboard. Use numeric keypads! A small touch which makes a huge difference.

It works!

Type in your amount, scroll to how good the waitor was and bam, you are done. It a simple app that is a quick download and works how it should.

Just right!

Finally a tip calculator that gets the basic job done well. The "round up" feature is a nice touch and shows the app was writteen by someone who understands the target use well - thanks! Ability to split would be a nice extention.


I love this app, it's great. Much better than the previous free app I had for this.

Simple, yet useful.

Great app. Worth downloading. It even gives you the option of rounding up.

No frills calculator

Looking for fancy options? You're not going to find it here. This is a simple app that gets the job done. GUI and functionality work as expected - the big % selection wheel is great. The best thing about this app is that the tip and total are dynamically calculated. Just enter your subtotal and select the tip % and watch the numbers automatically calculate. Saves the user an extra step - fast and easy.

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